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I was born in a faraway land. Really really far. Not far from civilization or anything but from where I live now which is Canada.

I was born and grew up in a small town in India, which didn’t even have a public library.

Imagine if someone would make you live without the Internet.

Yeah, you know the feeling.

However, the school I went to had a library. The Catholic nuns who ran the convent school were into books – books from England.

I didn’t care as long as I had books to read.

One author I remember was Enid Blyton. Just google her. She’s written thousands of books. She was a rock star of children’s books – like a JK Rowling of the 60’s!

And she wrote about mysteries and adventures in castles and rivers. I don’t think I related to any of that but I didn’t know any better. Like my town didn’t even have a public library so the chances of seeing a castle or a river were pretty slim. But I was grateful for the books.


And when I was all grown up, I decided to move to Canada.


When I arrived in Montreal, the first thing I did was to apply to the MFA program in Creative Writing at Concordia University. And later got a teaching degree from McGill University as well.

That’s where I did a course in Children’s Literature and that changed my life. I fell in love with picture books and wanted to write my own for children.


After a decade (that’s ten years) in Montreal, I moved to Toronto to teach art, drama and writing to children and started to write books too.


​I do readings and workshops in schools, libraries, and literary festivals across Canada. I also got to present at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (2014) in Singapore and Reading for the love of it in Toronto (2015).

I gave up my full-time teaching job in 2016 to devote more time to writing. But I miss teaching so sometimes I teach writing workshops in schools and libraries.

I am also a Spoken Word coach for tdsbCREATES.


Spoken Word uses word play, rhyme, repetition and vivid imagery to tell stories. It is poetry that is written to be performed on stage.


My daughter, Amrita is a professional photographer and she has taken most of the pictures for this website. 

My son – Angad is really good with numbers and he works in finance (obviously) and lives in New York. 

The love of photography and travel runs in my family. I am luckily sandwiched between two gifted photographers – my dad and my daughter.


I live with my husband – Chan in a blue house in Toronto.

(Amrita found me this house.) It’s surrounded by tall trees and in summer it looks like I live in a little forest. There are birds, squirrels, even a rabbit and I have a fish pond with koi in it. I wrote my first  wordless book on birds. I'm so excited about it. I haven’t written any books about squirrels or fish (not yet) but I like writing here.


 I am a member of CANSCAIP, CCBC, SCBWI & 12 by12

I am represented by my amazing agent – Essie White @ Storm Literary Agency

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