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Forest of Stories

By Rina Singh

Illustrated by Helen Cann


On the day of the next market, the chief arrived with great pomp and show. His flowing embroidered robe and red hat distinguished him from the people with whom he mingled. By mid-morning, the marketplace was full of people, and business was good. This time the chief was the first one to see the palm tree dancing toward the stalls. He was also the first to run away screaming, followed by his advisors and then the panic-stricken villagers. As soon as the chief arrived back at the village, he rushed to summon all the elders, the wise men, and even a magician from the neighbouring village, to a meeting. At the meeting, which lasted two days, they pondered over the problem, and the chief promised a bag of gold to anyone who could come up with a solution. The magician, who was well known for his skills, offered to give it a try. (From "The Palm Tree.")



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