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R I N A   S I N G H

author, presenter, writing coach



                              Click on the PDF file to download the brochure.


Author Visits, Presentations, and Writing Workshops for Schools and Library programs.


Rina Singh has an MFA in Creative Writing from Concordia University and a teaching degree from McGill University, Montreal. 


She is an internationally published children's author and has written seventeen books for children including A Forest of Stories, which has been translated in several languages. She has written an award winning biography on the Inuit artist, Pitseolak Ashoona. Her most recent publications are A Meeting in the Sky, Holi Colors, Diwali Lights, Grandmother School, and 111 Trees.


Rina has done readings and workshops in schools, libraries, and literary festivals across Canada. In 2014, she also presented at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore and Reading for the Love of it in Toronto (2015). 

She has taught visual art, drama, and writing in Toronto for the last 25 years. She has taught both in TDSB and YRDSB and is passionate about integrating the arts in education. Her students have made award winning short films, won the Spoken Word competitions and exhibited their art work. She lives in Toronto. For school and library visits, please contact her at

Or you can book her through



                              Virtual Author Visits Plus Q & A

This private just-for-your-students virtual presentation is similar to in-person author visit.

The 50 - 60 minute session will begin with a video introduction of herself, followed by her presentation on where the stories come from and the writing process which involves, brainstorming, planning, researching, drafting, revising and the publishing process.

Rina will do a reading from ONE of her new books– 111 Trees, Grandmother School, or A Meeting in the Sky. Grandmother School was recently nominated for the 2021 Blue Spruce Award and students are encouraged to ask questions about the premise of the books for e.g :Why didn't grandmothers go to school when they were young?

Teachers and librarians may request a reading of their choice.

   Grades 2 & up 





In this 1 hour visual presentation Rina looks back over her own life and career, using examples of the books she has written, she asks the audience to think about where stories and ideas come from. She shows how a book comes together, from first idea, to first draft and through the re-writing process. The last twenty minutes of the presentation are interactive.This presentation will appeal even to the most reluctant readers. 

Max Students 100   


Presentation + Writing Workshop

Participants will explore how they can use their own experiences and curiosity and create compelling stories and poems using lyrical language. Unusual exercises help them discover the joy of playing with language. The workshop ends with student readings. 














90 minutes   Grades 4-8   Max students 30   




In this workshop, facilitated by Rina, participants will have the opportunity to create, perform and refine Spoken Word Poetry pieces. In a mentoring environment, through writing exercises, short assignments, screenings, discussions, and critiquing,  students will bring their poetry from the page to the stage.

Workshop sessions focus on helping students find their poetic voice and write with passion about topics that are relevant to their lives.

It is suggested that the three 90 minute workshop sessions be spread over a period of three days in order for students to develop their pieces and polish them for their final performance. 

Grades 7-12  Max 30 Students   Contact for Quote.




It was an absolute pleasure working with Rina Singh on this year’s TDSBCreates Spoken Word entry. She is a talented author and poet whose artistry coupled with her unique pedagogical style are assets she brought to each session each week. Rina is a “little individual” who seems quiet, but she is a powerhouse who knows just how to ignite that unique spark in every child. I admire her patience yet steady resolve as she guides the students through the process of Spoken word creation and creative expression. Rina’s humble approach and literacy strategies have left a lasting impression on my students and I. She is a master at what she does and I would love to get another opportunity to work with her again!

– Alicia Bishop, Teacher @CR Marchant Public School, Toronto (2022)

Your support validated and in a sense gave a "real purpose" or validated their poems. (written pieces)

Your knowledge/experience, stage experience helped them to realize that people will want to hear what they have to say and that they needed to know how to capture and hold the audience's attention. 

Spoken Word allowed the students to share their voices and be heard. It gave them access to conversations and sharing of opinions that they normally would not participate in.

Thank you for all of your help and making them believe that their thoughts are worth sharing.

I wish you well for the rest of the year and hopefully next year we will meet again!

– Nicole Brown, Teacher @ The Elm Junior Middle School, Toronto (2019)

It was such a privilege having Rina take us through the Creative Process on this Spoken Word journey.  Inspiring and motivating the grade 7 students at every turn, her energy, knowledge, and presence are rooted in the experience of a seasoned educator, artist, and woke human being.  The students will nurture that spark and desire to communicate that which is so close to their hearts and utilize the tools Rina has given them to do so.

All the best to you until our paths cross again.

                                            – Leigh McLaughlin, Teacher @ Earl Grey Public School, Toronto (2019)

Rina is professional and knowledgeable when working with students on their Spoken Word poetry. She also builds a quick rapport with students to inspire them as they are developing their own truth and confidence within this art form. I could instantly feel how proud my students were after each session of working with Rina. We are extremely grateful for her guidance and support throughout this Spoken Word journey.

                                                    – Jacqueline Chiu, Teacher, Ryerson Community School, Toronto (2019)

Rina was a great help through the whole spoken word writing process and through the performance as well. She advised me on how to express myself more eloquently and see gaps in my piece that I didn’t realize before. Overall, my performance and my spoken word couldn’t have been performed to the best of my capabilities without Rina’s help.  

                                    – Bahja Farah, Grade 12 student, York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto (2019)



I am very impressed in the fashion in which Rina chooses to approach the children. She gets everyone involved through a variety of activities that not only get the kids thinking, but moving as well! Rina’s main objective is to open the creative and imaginative part of the mind of each child. All of the children in this class were very enthusiastic and eager to participate in every activity. There were no issues whatsoever this morning, and I am super excited for the next session this afternoon! There is evidently much potential in many (if not all!) these young children. 

(Morning Workshop)

–Faith Seltzer, MASC Young Authors and Illustrator's Conference

Once again, I am completely amazed in the methods Rina selects to interact with the kids! Never is there a moment where the kids aren’t busy. This class was slightly more quiet in the beginning, however, Rina managed to get most of the children to come out and share their ideas! Rina engages the children in a slightly more mature way (which differs from the first class) and helps them identify various different writing styles. Everyone appeared to be very inspired by Rina. And again, I was shown much talent through these kids.

(Afternoon Workshop)

–Faith Seltzer, MASC Young Authors and Illustrator's Conference

"In my capacity as teacher/librarian and chair of the Arts programme, I have had the pleasure of inviting Rina Singh into our school as an author. Rina is a very engaging presenter whose diverse books have enthralled the audience. She uses a varied range of media to captivate the students such as puppets, photographic essays and music."

- Marilyn Pinchuk, Librarian, Doncrest Public School

"I've had the pleasure of working with Rina and have watched her at her readings and at conferences. She presents with poise, grace and a sense of humour."

- Karen Steffenson, Visual Arts Consultant, York Region District School Board

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