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Once, as the winter ended, a little bird emerged to find the world had gone quiet.

The streets are empty and the playgrounds still. Puzzled but determined, the bird explores the town in search of a suitable place to nest. The residents of an apartment building notice her resting in a tree outside and take comfort in her song. Watching through their windows, they look beyond their lives and pause to appreciate the wonders of nature. The bird chooses to make this community her home and builds a nest, an act of resilience and hope that inspires the humans to emerge as well, reminding them that natural rhythms continue, seasons change and life goes on. Once again.

This wordless picture book is a hopeful contemplation of our interconnectedness with the natural world and the joy that nature brings us, even in unusual times.

Refreshing, beautiful, moving, and meaningful ––Kirkus (Starred Review)

This is a very wise book... SLJ (Starred Review)

This multilayered wordless picture book has much to say about
nature, renewal, and resiliency. Booklist (Starred Review)

Once, a Bird

Imagined by Rina Singh

 Illustrated by Nathalie Dion

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