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Holi Colors

Look what came in! The cover of my new book – Holi Colors coming out in the Spring of 2018. Ever tried writing a book in a 100 words? Sounds easy? Well, It wasn't but it sure was fun. I started with blue. And the dreamiest blue belongs only to the peacock and that's what I wanted. Once the peacock handed me the blue, the story fell in place.

I'll tell you a little about Holi. People in India welcome the arrival of spring by tossing coloured powders known as 'gulal' on friends, family, and strangers.

Holi, the spectacular Festival of Colours celebrates the legendary love of Lord Krishna for his beloved, Radha.

Amid the clouds of reds, blues, yellows and every colour imaginable, the festival of colours and love has everyone singing and dancing in the streets!

Thanks, Orca Books!

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